10 fittest couples where relationships and fitness go together

It is great when you like to be fit and keep building your body. The feeling of achievement after you finish a session with Coach Michael Personal Training Zurich, Switzerland, the happiness you feel when you see your body becoming more muscular, the positivity you feel when you reach your fitness goals, all of this is amazing! But when your other half is into the same thing, that makes your fitness life even better. If both of you are into bodybuilding and fitness, you can spend more time with your babe and even make shakes together. Take a look at those couples, who are the perfect match.

#1 NPC Bikini Champ Skylyn Mickler and Fitness Coach Matt Huggins. For him – work is to train. For her training is for the win.


#2 Personal Trainer Steph Pacca and athlete Cody Edwards from Australia. They are together and ready to share everything in their life – tears and laughter as well as workouts and sweat. She is his queen and he is her world.


#3 TV host Juliana Salimeni and trainer Felipe Franco from Brazil. They rule social media world and have 11.6M followers on Instagram and 2.4.M respectively.


#4 WBFF Pro Bodybuilder Meisha Pijot and UKBFF Pro Bodybuilder Tom Coleman. These guys know how to have fun and laugh with each other, but they also spend a lot of time training together.

#5 10x IFBB Bikini Champ/ Fashion designer Amanda Kuclo and IFBB Champ Steve Kuclo. Amanda has built her name up on fashion and IFBB Bikini title. She is a guru designer of apparel for bodybuilders. Steve received public acclaim for his superhero physique and IFBB championships.


#6 Bodybuilders Ashley Edwards and Raymond are always on the edge. They like to push their limits in a gym. This couple is all about gym, shopping for cool apparel and the right nutrition.

#7 Sweedish vegetarian couple Amanda and Jesper do couple workouts. They are traveling around the world, exercising and making people jealous about their physique.


#8 Personal Trainer Sarah Scully-Leaf and Pro Bodybuilder James Cant. These two share common goals in bodybuilding and motivate each other for improvement.

#9 Blogger and transformation specialist Heidi Powell and Weight Loss and Transformation Specialist Chris Powell. This happily married couple help people every day to chose the right diet and transform their body and health.


#10 Model Eniko Hart and Comedian/Actor Kevin Hart. Recently married they are extremely beautiful fitness babe and he is a shredded comedian for who is quite unusual to spend time in a gym instead of preparing for stage performance.