This 50-year-old model who seems 25 to be afraid of Internet users

Chuando Tan is a 50-year-old model from Singapore who shocking everyone because of just how young and cut he’s looking at his age. The man does not hesitate to stage and show off his muscular torso and youthful face on his account Instagram, where it is followed by 340,000 subscribers.

After a career as a model started at the age of 15, Chuando Tan was reconverted, in 1996, as a fashion photographer, reports the Straits Times, Singapore daily. He has collaborated with the magazines Elle or Harper’s Bazaar. In 2008, he directed the cover of Janet Jackson’s album, Discipline.

Alongside his ripped physique and baby-face charm, his hair is – enhanced or otherwise – raven black and he dresses like a man several decades younger.

An irreproachable lifestyle based on sport and a balanced diet based on rice and chicken hainan, an Asian specialty. He also claimed not to take baths late at night or early in the morning to take care of his skin.

That’s likely far from the full story of how exactly Tan is able to maintain his sprightly visage, though.