Goldberg’s diet: eat like a professional wrestler

Have not ever heard of Bill Goldberg? You should now because this guy knows how to build and maintain his body. Bill Goldberg is a 50-year-old professional wrestler from the US. He is also known for the role in Universal Soldier: The Return. Goldberg is a former color MMA commentator. In World Wrestling Entertainment  (WWE) and World Championship Wrestling (WCW) he is known as Goldberg. After a 20 year break, Goldberg just returned to WWE and won the belt. Despite his not-so-young age, he looks fit and strong.

His daily meal plan consists of 6 meals a day with many smoothies and milkshakes in addition to that. This is the diet that helped him to get back his status in wrestling. Here are some rules that he follows.

The day starts with 6 portions of oatmeal, 20 blueberries, a couple of teaspoons of honey.  After first breakfast, he goes for a workout. For a second breakfast, he eats 12 eggs, 6 slices of bacon, four portions of gluten-free toast with avocado. One shake + two gluten-free pizzas with hamburger meat on tops of it so that he could get enough of protein. Another shake follows.

Some Vietnamese Pho, noodles, and shrimps can make a good lunch. Sometimes he has to eat Pho twice a day, sometimes it’s a sweet potato for dinner plus avocado and another shake. Then he goes for a workout again and finishes it with one more shake. The evening ends up with popcorn.

As Goldberg drinks about 4-6 shakes a day, you probably want to find out what are the ingredients. Here they are – 4 scoops of super-gainer Muscle Milk powder, 1 banana, 6-7 strawberries, some honey, oatmeal powder, peanut butter.

And, in the end, a couple of golden rules from Goldberg: drink as much water as possible, don’t eat late, no soft drinks and, of course, MOVE, as much as you can!