Female captain pushes her limits in gruelling 12 mile march as her male colleagues cheer her up

The U.S. Army Captain Sarah Cadd of Public Health Command, Fort Knox in Kentucky, made a tremendous effort to reach and cross the finish line. Support from her colleagues melted hearts of all who saw the video. They cheered her up and motivated when she was falling down to her knees from fatigue. After watching this video you will understand that not everyone gets into the U.S. Army and that one really needs to have a stamina and strong will.

Cadd was one of those 46 people who wanted to receive the Expert Field Medical Badge. This is an honor that is given after one completes a set of written and physical tests. On the video, you can see the final steps of the last, most grueling part of the test – 12-mile road march by walking while carrying a heavy backpack and a rifle.  Cudd collapses on the finish line, but thanks to the support, she made it to the end. Cudd is the only one of those 46 candidates who managed to receive the badge.