Street workout guru pranks athletes on the beach in California

It’s hard to be capable of doing much physical when the age squeezes you. The older you get, the harder it is to move and health issues start bothering you. Check out this old man’s video. He works out on the bars and everyone around is going crazy as he does these turns and pull-ups.

However, this guy is not an old man but the founder of Bar-Bars team Islam Badurgov. He heads the Street Workout movement in Kazakhstan and organizes different events: the First International World Street Workout championship, local street workout event in Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan’s Workout tour. He is also known as a referee for the World Street Workout and Street Lifting Federation. Besides Badurgov, you can see other famous athletes in the video – Michael Vazquez, Scott Mathison, and Chis “Tatted Strength” Luera. The prank took place on the famous Santa Monica beach in California.

This year Badurgov was invited as a special guest to LA Fit Expo 2017 festival in California, which is organized by Arnold Schwarzenegger.