Want to get a tattoo? Here is what a world famous tattoo master would advice

63-year-old famous American tattoo artist Jonathan Shaw has retired 15 years ago, but his experience will always be alive in the field of tattoo art. Not long ago his new memoir was published, where he shared some more wisdom about getting a tattoo in an ink-obsessed world.


Shaw writes that he had very different clients in his life: cops, criminals and, of course, many celebrities. Some famous names include Johnny Depp, The Cure, The Velvet Underground, The Pogues, The Ramones, Marilyn Manson, Jim Jarmusch, Johnny Winter, Kate Moss, and Tupac Shakur.


Shaw still finds himself to be one of the most respected legends in the field despite leaving it 15 years ago. So, here are some pieces of advice to those who want to surprise their body with a lifelong art. Those tips might seem obvious and boring to everyone, but they are really important as it is a serious decision.


#1 Think twice before you get a tattoo

Go deep into your heart, dreams, and soul. You have to dig out your hidden wishes and desires. The tattoo will be with you throughout your life. Approach the choice responsibly. Get inspired. For example, if you are a religious person, you can try and look for religious tattoo ideas. On the other hand, there might be many people who would like to have minimalist tattoos. Similarly, there could be some who like to relate themselves to their spirit animal and would want to get a tattoo of the same. For example, you might relate to a butterfly that symbolizes freedom. In that case, you can look for different types of butterfly tattoo designs on https://www.thai.tattoo/butterfly-tattoo-ideas/ or other such tattoo studio websites. That said, decide on what design and where you want it beforehand. Make sure that the tattoo you’re thinking about getting is definitely the right one for you, as many people have visited places like Counterpunch Tattoo Removal when they come to regret the decision they made for their initial tattoo. This happens more often than not, so this choice shouldn’t be made lightly. Only then the result will satisfy you and not only immediately but forever.

#2 Find the right person to do the job

The real tattoo artist is not multifunctional. He/she specializes on a certain type of pictures. Some do portraits, some tribal-style or traditional Americana tattoos or maybe smth else. The point is that you should not go to make a tribal tattoo to an artist who specialises on portraits for example.

#3 Don’t bring your friends to a consultation with an artist

Leave them all alone at home or anywhere else. You and only you will carry this tattoo on your skin. You don’t need any suggestions from the side. It’s like bringing someone with you to an appointment with a doctor. Just research thoroughly, anticipate the pain level that you are going to experience, choose the right artist, and take the leap of faith in confidence.

#4 Good tattoo is not cheap, cheap tattoo is not good

You should remember that there is no bargaining possible if you are aiming to get a good tattoo. There are so many people offering their services in this field as the industry has largely developed over the past year. But the good quality work is still expensive, be ready for that.