5 reasons why coffee makes your workouts more effective

Athletes and those who simply love to keep fit usually get some special oatmeals or drinks before going to a gym, but did you know that just a simple cup of coffee may increase the effectiveness of your workout?

Instead of getting powders and mixing them with water in bottles with catchy labels, just stop by a coffee shop that uses high-quality blends such as those offered by Iron and Fire. But you need only coffee. Only black coffee, no sugar, no cream. If you’re a fan of coffee, try and purchase one before your workout to see if it benefits you. If you find that it does, you could consider purchasing one before every workout. Some coffee shops will offer loyalty programs if they make use of POS systems, such as the one offered by Revel Systems (check this out here). That means that you might be able to gain some special rewards or discounts after some time.

However, we understand that coffee isn’t for everyone, especially if you don’t like the taste or have an intolerance to the high amounts of caffeine present. Fortunately, there are energy-boosting alternatives before your workouts, such as this telogenesis supplement that you can read many positive reviews on. It’s whatever works for you!

#1 Coffee accelerates fat burning

This simple drink converts fat cells into an energy source as well as that it increases metabolism. The faster metabolism is – the more calories you burn throughout the day. Coffee suppresses appetite, which is also important for weight loss. Based on that, if your goal is to lose weight, this fat-burning characteristic of coffee will help you reach your goal.

#2 Coffee increases athletic performance

Caffeine is proved to increase the power in workouts and helps you train longer.

#3 Caffein helps you to be more focused during a workout

Black coffee is not only a source of energy and power but it also provides you with increased concentration that makes you more focused and effective in sports activity.

#4 Reduces muscle pain

The University of Illinois study shows that those athletes who had a cup of coffee before the workout or physical activity had less muscle pain than those who hadn’t. Considering this characteristic, coffee will allow you to have higher resistance during weight lifting and run faster and longer during cardio exercises.

#5 Coffee protects from diseases

Antioxidants play an important role in this process. They protect the organism from damage from free radicals. It can lower the risk of diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and some forms of cancer.

Check out Anthony Joshua’s diet. Coffee is an important part of it and it is what he gets before the fight for the final energy boost. Coffee Benefits for athletes are undeniable; you may want to consider a fresh pot over that green smoothie the next time you hit the gym.

Image by flickr user Karl-Ludwig Poggemann/ flickr commons