Ashley Kaltwasser: Bikini Pro that has something to offer apart from lean physique

The three times Ms. Bikini Olympia winner Ashley Kaltwasser just made something that really differs her from the rest professional competitors.

Ashley is the one who has managed to transform herself from a well-known tournament-winner to a worldwide famous Instacrush.

Looking back even the greatest athletes tried to move away from their once loved deal, but from that time we’ve never heard of them.

Trying to describe her accolades in words we have to mention that she is a professional athlete as well. She has been at bodybuilding for quite a long period of time. She started gymnastics when she was just four years old. She entered her first bikini competition at the age of 23. She was also able to get the Pro card within two years.

Now her aim is to inspire as many people as possible to take up bodybuilding so that they lead a healthier life.

That is why she continually shares her photos and other accolades which she has won on social media to inspire others and make them understand that such achievements are actually possible as well.

Been gone for a couple of years, there’s a new champ on that Olympia stage, new challenges, but Kaltwasser claims to have no jitters and takes them proudly.

“I’ve only missed a year at the Olympia (2017) but since then so much has changed! Lots of new faces and the talent pool just keeps growing each year. There are so many amazing and beautiful girls that I will be competing with. A lot of these girls are rookies just like I was when I first won. I would say YES I am one of the many underdogs that will be competing in this year’s Bikini Olympia,” she told Fitness Gurls.

After that, she is going to visit some countries out of Europe. “I cannot wait for all of these exciting events! I love Asia, and I love Asians. They are just so awesome! It’s going to be a great year.”