What you didn’t know about Jason Statham?

Jason Statham is loved by fans for his roles in action movies and his inexhaustible charisma. He is always a crazy and cool guy. He knows how to live an interesting life and fully experience all the moments and stunts his characters do in the movies. He even advocated to create a special nomination for those guys who do stunts in the movies instead of other actors. Here are a couple of facts about him that you may have never heard.


#1 Jason Statham began his working career as a street seller. That helped him to get into “Snatch” and “Lock, stock and two smoking barrels”, which appeared to be first two movies in his career. For the former, Statham got the role specifically because of his seller skills as he sold a piece of fake jewelry to the director Guy Ritchie.


#2 Once he got kicked out from Hugh Hefner’s Playboy property when he appeared on set only in a bathrobe and refused to pose with the girls.


#3 Once Statham took part in the Kit Kat commercial

#4 Statham developed his physique mostly while training for the 10m Platform the 3m Springboard to represent the British National team.


#5 Statham failed his driving test many times before he received the desired license card. But the reason wasn’t him being a bad and clumsy driver but that he acquired too many bad driving habits from his father. However, missing driver license didn’t stop him from driving, because this is how he used to get home after failing the driving test. Once he even got arrested for driving a golf car. If you struggle as much with your driving test as Mr Statham, you may be interested to know the Pass Plus cost for once you have passed your test so that you know that you are fully capable of driving competently on the roads. After taking precautions like that, it’s likely that you’ll be ready to start driving on the roads.

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#5 For the role in Death Race Statham lost 17lbs in 6 weeks after harsh fitness and dieting regime (only raw veggies). he managed to drop the level of fat from @0% to 6%.