Heavyweight Conor McGregor’s twin doing pull-ups and fools everyone in crazy prank

Islam Badurgov is a 27-year-old (not 40-year-old) professional street workout athlete from Kazakhstan. He is well-known through ‘Old man doing street workout’ prank.

In tnis video Islam look like heavyweight Conor McGregor. Badurgov had the haircut, facial hair and the tattoos to look like UFC fighter. The prank worked to perfection and people honestly thought that they were seeing Conor McGregor.

Badurgov rolled up to the famed Muscle Beach in Venice and made some street workout tricks (pull-ups, human flag, etc.) Fans would constantly go up to Badurgov asking for photos.

See full video below…

Great work, Islam.


McGregor will fight Floyd Mayweather on Aug. 26 in Las Vegas.