Katie Bolden lost 150 pounds in 4 years and here is her motivation

30-year-old Katie Bolden shows that determination to your aim can seriously change your life. Katie was overweight throughout her life and she was struggling with it until she made a promise to change. Since 2013 Katie lost 150 pounds and now she is ready to perform at bodybuilding championships.

Among the recent accomplishments of hers is a place in top five of the transformation division for the WBFF Fitness Atlantic USA Championships. Katie is a mother of a 2-year-old and she is ready to share her story of success so that you could also bring your body to a gym.


Katies says that her daughter is her main inspiration in life and that she motivates her for success and further achievements in transformation. Katie has dreamt about her new body since youth. She went through depression, different types of anxiety disorders, polycystic ovarian syndrome, or PCOS (known as obesity). A newborn bodybuilding star writes about her transformation in her blog.

“There is no cure for PCOS at this time, but the symptoms are manageable. To gain control of my PCOS, I cleaned up my diet and started eating healthier and exercising, which resulted in weight loss which aided in the relief and control of the disease,” says Katie.

People might be lacking in awareness about PCOD and PCOS, but sometimes, just knowing about the cause and a few remedies can help in reducing the problem. Using the right products, taking care of diet, hygiene and practicing regular exercise can provide some relief from irregularity and pain. You might also consider sustainable products that are made of natural materials. Furthermore, you can explore menstrual supplies online by searching “sanitary pads australia (or near your location)” and choosing from multiple options available.

In the end, it could be concluded that the first action to move towards better health can be getting proper guidance from an expert. Getting medical advice might also assist in discovering the right solution.