Katie Bolden lost 150 pounds in 4 years and here is her motivation

30-year-old Katie Bolden shows that determination to your aim can seriously change your life. Katie was overweight throughout her life and she was struggling with it until she made a promise to change. Since 2013 Katie lost 150 pounds and now she is ready to perform at bodybuilding championships.

I am finally home from my trip! I got in late last night after another missed flight (this time… not our fault ?? it was the airlines fault). While I take some time to recover from my comp this past weekend, catch up on work and the blog, prepare to start my next and last prep for the year on friday and continue to process WTF just happened this past weekend… I'm celebrating #transformationtuesday I can't believe that's ME! I still look at photos of myself and think "Oh my god that's me! Is that really me?!" I had that moment during my backstage photo shoot when I saw previews of what we got. Crazy! I've worked hard to become this girl and I will continue to work hard to make sure she stays and continues thriving. ??❤ #fitnessatlantic #transformationchampion #whoisthisgirl #blessed #dreamscametrue

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Among the recent accomplishments of hers is a place in top five of the transformation division for the WBFF Fitness Atlantic USA Championships. Katie is a mother of a 2-year-old and she is ready to share her story of success so that you could also bring your body to a gym.

Obesity, mental illnesses, suicidal, destructive behavior, self harm, self hatred, doctors giving me a 95% Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis, temporary paralysis and blindness, pcos/infertility, and embarrassment were all wake up calls that I need to do something with my life. That I needed change. That I needed to find strength within myself to not only continue living, but to succeed in life and live a worthwhile and fulfilling life. Let's talk wake up calls and hitting rock bottom. When starting a journey it is common for one to be at rock bottom in their life and they receive wake up calls letting them know it's time to change things. That it's now or never. Some people take them seriously and others will ignore them. What you do in that moment in time will determine how badly you want change in your life. I want to hear what hitting your rock bottom was like and what your wake up calls were. What made you start your journey to a healthier life or makes you want to start one…. #letstalk #weightlosstransformation #change #journey #health #fitness #fitfam

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Katies says that her daughter is her main inspiration in life and that she motivates her for success and further achievements in transformation. Katie has dreamt about her new body since youth. She went through depression, different types of anxiety disorders, polycystic ovarian syndrome, or PCOS (known as obesity). A newborn bodybuilding star writes about her transformation in her blog.

“There is no cure for PCOS at this time, but the symptoms are manageable. To gain control of my PCOS, I cleaned up my diet and started eating healthier and exercising, which resulted in weight loss which aided in the relief and control of the disease,” says Katie.

I would be lying if I said that I didn't have any body image issues throughout my prep. I have felt those issues coming up multiple times throughout, but had to continuously shut them down. Not only did I have to keep reminding myself what category I was competing in, but also that it was OKAY in my category to have the flaws that I do. No matter the category, you have to have a STRONG mindset about everything throughout your prep… even in my category. Body image issues will consume you if you let it. . . What you see is what you get. You see all that skin hanging at the bottom of my tummy? There ain't no fixing that without surgery. Same with my lower body. I have done all I could and I am proud! I touch my stomach and there is nothing left, but skin and tissue. I can feel everything underneath. I can also see it ??? This is it. There's absolutely NOTHING left that I can do. I have chipped away a lot of the body fat in that area and this is what I get. With that being said… I am still flexing my hard work on this #flexfriday and I am still proud. . . When my competition season is over at the end of August, I plan to start consultations for removing it. It was very important for me to compete with my skin flaws and all before skin removal because that's what my category is all about… Transformation! And that I have accomplished and this is what is left, but it's not over! I will always be transforming myself and my body because it's my project, my work of art, my masterpiece and I am so proud of this body and the work I have done so far. So proud. I will wear my extra skin on that stage proudly in my beautiful suit because I worked hard for that moment, for that body, for that transformation. 4 years of hard work. I can't believe this moment is just 15 days away. #effectsofweightloss #looseskin #lovemybody

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Happy Friday loves! Not only is it #flexfriday but it's also shoulder day today! My favorite day! ??

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