Protein or carbs after workout?

Studies that have evaluated the postexercise anabolic response to a combined protein and carbohydrate supplement have failed to show benefit over adequate protein alone.

When high-quality protein like whey hydrolysate is consumed, muscle protein synthesis can be maximized without additional carbohydrates. There are quite a lot of supplements by brands like Performance Compounds which aid in muscle growth and recovery.
Only small elevations in circulating insulin are required to maximize muscle anabolism and amino acids can stimulate this level of insulin release without carbohydrate present. Those looking to build lean muscle with the aid of plant-based protein may want to check out these high impact plant protein reviews to see how that product could help them out in achieving their bodybuilding goals.

When you exercise, you break down muscle protein. The rate of this depends on both the exercise and the level of your training. Protein consumption after working out allows your body to repair and rebuild these proteins. You should therefore eat a protein-rich meal or snack after working out. As for snacks, you could try a steak bar, and for meals, you can include chicken, salmon, eggs, greek yogurt, or tuna.

Also, it has been suggested that the leucine content in protein can determine its ability to maximally stimulate muscle protein synthesis. Those looking to enhance their fitness, muscle-building, and fat loss results should understand conversations like casein vs whey and what the advantages and disadvantages of each protein are. Thankfully, there are many informative articles on the subject online.

The leucine breakdown product HMB can also prevent muscle catabolism in times of energy restriction. One study on waxy maize starch and maltodextrin is worth mentioning here. Roberts and colleagues at the University of Oklahoma examined the effect of consuming a waxy maize starch versus maltodextrin prior to an intense and exhausting cycling bout.

What they found was quite interesting. Maltodextrin caused a higher spike in blood glucose and insulin than the waxy maize. Although waxy maize might be of benefit to endurance cycling as it allows for more fatburning efficiency over maltodextrin (less insulin response), it may not be best for getting an insulinotropic response for muscle anabolism. Further supporting the importance of protein quality over carbohydrate is a study comparing soy and casein.

When a soy supplement with rapidly absorbed maltodextrin was compared to a casein supplement containing similar amounts of slowly absorbed lactose, the casein group still demonstrated higher protein synthesis rates. Once again, the insulin response after exercise is less important than the availability of leucine.

It takes pharmacological doses to see an effect from insulin beyond what occurs with consumption of protein.