Naked women, wild parties, and fast cars – ideal Instagram account

A native of a family of Iranian refugees became a billionaire, was carried away by politics and started a scandalous Instagram page.

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Billionaire Tony Toutouni, also known as Insta Famous Playboy, was born in Iran, from where his family fled after the 1979 Islamic revolution. He lived for a long time in Argentina, where he had a daughter, but later moved to the US and became a businessman.

In early 2015, Toutouni draw the attention of the media, announcing his plans to engage in politics and fight for the rights of Hispanics. In this intention, he followed in the footsteps of his close friend Dan Bilzerian, the self-proclaimed “King of Instagram”. Toutouni joined his campaign in defense of the American veteran sergeant Tamuresi, suffering from a post-traumatic syndrome and being placed in a Mexican prison for crossing the border with legal guns in the car.

Toutouni created a committee consisting of Carlos Fernandez, former chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Venezuela, and Marcelo de Armas, a former student at the University of Miami. On the website of the committee, all comers are invited to join the struggle against the political oppression of Hispanics in the United States.

His renown was gained with the help of shocking amusements and publications of reports about his adventures in the network. For example, a video clip with the “execution” of the girl’s buttocks from a paintball gun reached even the Russian net and collected more than five million views on YouTube in different copies.

Instagram-account of Toutouni is full of outrageous and remarkably frank photos with bundles of money, weapons, private airplanes, luxury cars and half-naked girls, among whom there are many pornstars who are similar to the nu bay pornstars found on sites like For today the number of subscribers to his IG account exceeded 1,5 million users.

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