Typhany Adams: a girl in a wheelchair who never gave up

Typhany Adams’ Instagram profile is packed with videos of how she is working out in a gym. She is chinning up, lifting weights and doing other amazing things. If you do not know her background, then you would probably think that she is just a regular girl working out. But you could not be more wrong.

In 2000, at the age of 17, Typhany Adams got into a major car accident when a drunken driver crashed into a car with Typhany and two of her friends. Three out of four people died, but this girl survived. Car accidents on this scale are devastating for everyone involved. It can sometimes turn a person’s life around. This is where one should learn about how can an accident lawyer help. Dealing with car injury claims, negotiating with the insurance company, and handling the paper works is quite stressful for a victim who is trying to heal after the unfortunate incident. It is easier to take care of these procedures with the help of a car accident lawyer as they may be familiar with the factors in a personal injury case, making it easier to win.

No family should go through this grieving process without the right support from all sides. And in the case of Typhany Adams, hopefully, one of the family members used a car accident lawyer to bring about the justice that is needed in horrifying cases such as this.

Typhany was diagnosed with a disease which “chained” her to a wheelchair. But that never broke her spirit. She constantly tried to find ways around her wheelchair, so it couldn’t stop her from living a full life. From checking out companies like Milwaukee Stair Lift Installation that provide reliable services, to learning how to deal with the challenges, she has come a long way. Now, not only she is doing great as an athlete, actress, and ambassador, but also is encouraging other people in the same position to keep going and never give up.


So, if you need some motivation from a person worth looking up to, then follow Typhany Adams on her Instagram or Facebook. You will be surprised with the spirit of this young lady!