How dark chocolate can improve your performance

When it comes to exercise, maybe people think that all they need to do is just go for a run several times a week. Many will make use of things like a Fitbit (Mobile Mob has more information on this and you can also check out Fitbit bands there as well), and just exercising regularly is the key to improving your fitness. But there’s more to it then people realize. Did you know that a little dark chocolate every day can improve your performance and even jump-start your metabolism?

As reported in a 2016 Journal of the International Study of Sports Nutrition article, investigation subjects who consumed 40 grams of dark chocolate daily for a period of two weeks experienced improvements in their VO2 max (maximal oxygen consumption) during an endurance fitness test. That translated into being able to exercise more intensely compared to baseline tests before the chocolate intake.

How can chocolate give you wings? It’s rich in antioxidants called flavonoids that can improve how efficiently your muscles use oxygen to generate energy during exercise. This makes it easy to work harder for longer, which could translate into improved fitness gains. Although this study was conducted on cyclists, the results also may trickle over to the weight room during intense bouts of resistance training when muscle-cell energy production is sky-high.

Here’s more data that gives you permission to boast that chocolate is your favorite vegetable. A study by researchers at the University of California, San Diego, found that adults who regularly indulged in chocolate (up to five servings a week) had lower body-fat numbers than those who mostly go without. The scientists surmise chocolate’s antioxidants may jump-start metabolism to offset its extra calories.

Other reports show that cheating on your diet with chocolate can improve blood pressure and cholesterol numbers, bolster brainpower, give your skin a more youthful glow and lessen the inflammation associated with joint pain. You may want to look at a combination of CBD oil and dark chocolate if joint pain has been plaguing you for a while and you need an extra boost of help. If this sounds like something that appeals and could be a potential treatment, check out to find out some more background about this.

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