Mark Wahlberg reveals the truth about taking steroids

The 46-year-old actor, entrepreneur, producer, philanthropist, husband, and father – Mark Wahlberg, is putting all the rumors around his physique to rest. No we’re not just going to talk about marky mark wahlberg size, instead we’re going to tell you how Wahlberg put rumours to rest.

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Recently TMZ posted a quick interview asking Wahlberg about the allegedly used aliases which he could use to buy performance-enhancing drugs from now-jailed steroid dealer Richard Rodriguez.

Correspondents met Mark in Los Angeles to sort things out.

Our action hero honestly claimed that he is ‘all natural,’ emphatically denying all the ‘roid rumors.

After what he hit a sweet bicep flex, telling the real secret of such physique. “You know what this is?That’s hard work.” Mark responded while flaunting his bulging muscles.

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“If you wanna do something right, you’ve gotta work hard, baby,” he added. “Why put yourself and your health at risk when you can work hard and be a good example?”

He left also adding that he doesn’t actually want to give Rodriguez more attention.

We totally agree that hard work brings magic to your shape, but it is forbidden to forget about the second part of success (the third is rest) – diet and nutrition.

That’s why we want to present you Mark Wahlberg’s diet plan.

Mark Wahlberg’s diet plan

Wahlberg’s diet is centered around:

  • steak
  • chicken
  • whey protein
  • some pasta
  • blueberries, raspberries, bananas, apples

Mark says that regarding the schedule he would eat about six meals a day. Usually, he eats three tasty, healthy meals and then three smaller snack size meals. He gets the lion part of his meals from the special delivering companies. Consequently, Mark cooks very seldom.

What about macro nutrition, Wahlberg typically gets 30% of his diet from lean proteins. The next part of 40% from whole wheat, legumes, fruit, and vegetables. The remaining 30% comes from healthy fats.

For his latest roles, he upped his meal schedule to about 10-12 times per day. Quite astonishing when you know his last meal of the day is at 10 pm then he has to awake at 2 am just to force another one down. It was fun at first, but as you can imagine Marky Mark started to grow old of it.

To sum up want to give you some helpful words from Mark’s interview to “I don’t think about my public image,” he said, “I can’t control it. I just try to do the right thing.”

“The real Mark Wahlberg is the most blessed individual ever, a devoted servant of God, humble with a huge appreciation for everything, and a hard worker.”

Wahlberg’s workouts

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