Mike Colter shared how to stay in Luke Cage bulletproof physique

Mike Colter AKA Marvel’s Luke Cage who stars as the beefed up and bulletproof hero of Harlem shared the workout he uses to stay in.

Unpredictably, it doesn’t involve running a 3.72 in the 40-meter dash, while working out with the New York Jets.

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The actor admitted he was dressed in compression shorts, snacking on grapes while eyeing a double chicken breast, and had a date with a squat rack in his very near future.

“I’m ready to go to the gym as soon as I get off the phone with you, actually,” Colter told MH.

Moreover, Colter revealed what kind of workout and diet regimen he undertakes to look bulletproof. The 41-year-old athlete has a quick go-to workout he uses because he is always traveling from one coast to the other since he lives in Los Angeles and shoots Luke Cage on location in New York City.

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“I’m not training like I’d like to — I’m basically training when I can,” said Colter. “Ideally, I like to train hard. But that’s not my life. Today’s a workout day, but I don’t know when I’ll work out again, because tomorrow my day is full. I travel to New York City on Wednesday, so it’s very difficult to get my workouts in. If I get two days a week, I’ve got to make the most of them; if I get three days, that’s great.”

His average workout involves a circuit of abs, shoulders, lunges, bench press, leg press, and squats.

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What is more, he points out three significant parts of his transformation:

1. Stretching

“People don’t really realize how much stretching and cooling down the muscle matter,” says Colter. “The foam roller is your friend. Don’t be afraid of it.”

2. Diet

“If you work out really, really hard and you don’t put the fuel in the tank, you’re basically wasting your time,” explained Colter. “The muscles are not going to respond if you don’t put in the carbs and the complex carbohydrates that you need to recover.”

IG: @realmikecolter

3. Sleep

“You need seven, eight hours preferably, of recovery time in sleep,” he says. “Even if you can’t get it all at once, you got to find a way to nap.”