Nusret ‘Salt Bae’ is the fittest chef on earth

A Turkish chef named Nusret ‘Salt Bae’ Gökçe has become an Internet phenomenon after he posted an Instagram video of himself stripping and slicing a steak and then fancifully throwing salt onto it. This name may sound familiar and this is why. More than 10 million people have watched his Instagram video. He has over a 9 million followers on Instagram. Some people love him that much that they even consider buying a salt bae inspired men’s outfit and dress up as this famous chef as cosplay or even for halloween. He’s also now become a meme, so we’ll be seeing him everywhere for a while!

He’s even caught the attention of Leonardo DiCaprio.

Not only‘Salt Bae’ is the world’s sexiest salter, world renown meat chef, and internet celebrity… it turns out he has an incredibly aesthetic physique. His rippling six pack and serrated shoulders may be the REAL reason people are flocking to his salting stations.

The Shredded Bae eats a diet of strictly red meat and salt. He supplements cold water baths for long periods of time in a freezer. With dead sheep. In a weird outfit.

Salt Bae has figured out a way to turn even the worst exercises into sexy heart throbbing routine.

Gökçe, 34, owns a chain of steakhouses called Nusr-et in Turkey and in the cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.