47-year-old MMA legend Chuck Liddell plans comeback to the Octagon

47-year-old UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) hero Chuck Liddell is making a comeback to the Octagon. It has been almost a decade since his last victory. Liddle’s trainer opened up about his comeback on the podcast “Anik and Florian.” A lot about Liddell’s comeback would depend on who would meet him in the Octagon. Main motivation for Liddell here is money. He takes the risk as his health and legacy can be damaged in the fight. The price of the comeback is not specified, it could be $3,4,5 million.


Another motivation besides money is, of course, passion. Passion – is what brought Liddell success back in the years and that what may bring him back now. He has always been a fighter and the Octagon is his comfort zone. He is not the only example of those passionate fighters who can’t give on this sport. 53-year-old Randy Couture and retired Victor Belfort are also thinking about taking the risk.


But everyone understands that passion is not enough to get back to fighting and leave the Octagon in a good condition. One needs reflexes and coordination as well but with ages, it fades away and it’s hard to believe that 47-year-old guy can fight safely for himself after almost being retired. Here is Liddell fighting against Rich Franklin 7 years ago. Do you think it’s possible that he got better now? Let’s hope he can do that!