A Superboy from Iran

Arat Hosseini taking the sports world by surprise.

A boy named Arat Hosseini is only three and a half years old now. However, he already is a legend.


Arat lives in Iran. His stated that they noticed how strong their baby boy is when he was only nine months old. According to the trusted sources, his father mentioned that one day when he gave his finger to his son, he grabbed it and pulled himself up until his feet no longer touched the ground. At that time, the parents decided to have him practice some gymnastics tricks on a daily basis.

Today, the boy already has more than 740 thousand followers on Instagram. His father keeps posting how the boy performs different tricks including walkovers, balancing splits and other amazing things.

Even though he never had any professional trainings, his parents have already had a fundraising campaign to have other people help them collect money to send this little wonder study in the United States of America. If you need some inspiration, then check out his Instagram profile and see how this toddler performs tricks, not all professionals can do.