Actor Jim Parsons does 475-pound sled rope pulls

Actor Jim Parsons is often perceived as a nerd from The Big Bang Theory TV show, where his character is a theoretical physicist Sheldon who is hard to imagine doing anything related to sports. Sheldon is critical and sarcastic about those who do a lot of training and workouts. This video will break the image of Sheldon and you won’t be able to perceive Parsons only as his character from the show anymore.

Parsons in real life is working hard on his muscles. His trainer Ben Bruno is famous for working with celebrities like Kate Upton, Buffalo Sabres star Jack Eichel, actor Casey Affleck, different fashion models and NBA player Roy Hibbert. Here is a 725 sled push with trainer Ben Bruno on top.

His workout is not only about pulling a sled. Here he does some squats with weight loaded upon the bar. And some people are really jealous of his power and strength.

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