This bag can do clean your smelly sweaty clothes

As magical as it sounds, a bag also known as Paqsule can really do this trick. Just think about all the bacteria which spread all over your suitcase once you put your dirty outfit into a bag after an intensive workout. Not only there is the smell to be worried about, but also the possible harm these bacteria can cause.

However, thanks to the invention of Paqsule, you will never have to worry about it. The thing is that even though this bag looks just like any other regular bag, it has a unique inbuilt technology which not only helps clean your clothes but also makes them smell nice.

According to the creators, the system they use is absolutely healthy and brings no damage to one’s health. So, you can put some fruit inside the bag and have them washed after a while.

Finally, you might want to get such a bag if you travel a lot or go to the gym before work. To have your clothes clean, just put them inside the bag, and in just 25 minutes you will have them back as good as new.

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