How this beer ingredient can prevent muscle loss and atrophy – recent study shows

Scientists from the Japanese university found out that flavonoid ingredient (8-PN) in beer helps to limit muscle atrophy. However, the research was only conducted on mice. That means that to reach the same effect for the human’s body one would need to drink 154 pints of beer.

Such an amount of consumed alcohol can only cause alcohol poisoning. What could be the possible side effects of drinking so much alcohol? Can alcohol cause diarrhea and other health-related issues? Yes, it has the capability to damage body parts when consumed in excess. That’s why scientists are now working to find a way so that one can receive the necessary amount of this flavonoid ingredient and don’t get beer alcoholism and die from poisoning.

If the decision is found, that can solve a significant problem for elderly people – severe muscle loss, which can also help astronauts prevent muscle atrophy in space. That could even be a decision for paralyzed patients.

Despite that beer is not so good for athletes as it contains alcohol and high in calories, dark beer contains many vitamins from B group as well as minerals. It contains calcium, potassium, iron and zinc. Dark beer is particularly rich in antioxidants. Balanced dark beer consumption can keep heart disease away.