Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson opened up about his upcoming movie ‘Rampage’

Dwayne ‘The Rock’Johnson has recently shared the plot of his upcoming action sci-fi movie ‘Rampage’ that is based on the 1980s video game.

In the new movie, Johnson’s character is the head of an anti-poaching unit in Rwanda, while his best friend is an albino gorilla named George. The terrible happens to George as well as two more animals (alligator Lizzie and wolf Ralph). All three were injected with a serum and turned into aggressive and powerful monsters. After that happens, Johnson’s character goes on a hunt to find these poachers and punish them.


The movie will require a lot of devotion and power input, that is why famous bodybuilder is hitting hard on the gym. He has also shared a motivational video for his fans who are keen on pulling weights.


Famous visual effects company Weta Digital will take care of that effects are perfectly created in the movie. Among the main actors, you will see not only Johnson himself but The Walking Dead’s  star Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Malin Ackerman and Naomie Harris. Get ready for the Ramage’s release, which is planned for spring 2018.