A guy with no legs and only one arm hitting the gym

If you still cannot make yourself hit the gym either claiming that you are too tired after a long working day or that you are just not the type of guy who does that, then check out the story of a man who was born without his legs and has only one arm and does some astonishing tricks in a fitness center.

His name is Nick Santonastasso, and he is only twenty years old. After he was born without two lower limbs, the doctors diagnosed him with an extremely rare disease known as Hanhart syndrome. In fact, it is so rare that only a few people in the world have it, and two-third of those people are dead now.

But when you look at Nick all happy when coming up with new great ways to use the arm he has and exercise with what he has you cannot but feel an enormous respect for him.

Today he is not only exercising daily but is helping other people with severe conditions to gain back their faith and do it.


So, if you still do not feel like sports is something you can do, check out Nick’s videos and get inspired. If he could do it, then so can you!