How to shovel in 3700 calories in one sitting still remaining ripped

31-year-old blogger claims he eats one time per day and this meal consists thousands of calories.

Meet King Schratz (Dave Schratz), who earns money on the web by sitting in front of his 68k followers eating his first and only meal per one day.

Every night he tries to vary his menu. Once we’ve seen him shoveling into his mouth cheeseburger sliders. Some days ago that was 12 bacon-egg-cheese sandwiches and a pile of fries, or it may be a bulging-at-the-seams fajita plate.

Every post he adds the #IIFYM hashtag and lists the nutritional content of each meal. In the way like this: ” Last Nights Bacon Egg and Cheeses. – [Calories – 3,721]. -[Protein: 210] -[Carbs: 615] -[Fat: 84] -[Fiber: 119]”. He claims that every portion contains about 3,700 calories, remaining him lean. For us to be confident in his words, Dave proudly displays his muscular body in weightlifting videos on Instagram.

His training business has the name BioFit Solutions. “It’s almost like I’m having a cheat meal every night, but I’m not,” he says. “If I burn 4,000 calories and I eat 3,200, then I’m going to stay lean.”

Dave also doesn’t forget about his 2-hour daily workouts which are also a part of his Herculean physique.

“People don’t see the vegetables that I eat, but I usually eat pounds of vegetables with every meal. And people don’t notice because they’re covered in cheese,” he says to Men’s Health.

And that’s true, his diet isn’t unhealthy, as he doesn’t drink liters od sugar-based drinks. What is more, Dave looks after his macro nutrition, which shares with his followers in each post.

He has chosen this way of eating because it’s very convenient for him. “I’m usually a very busy person. It’s really the same thing as eating consistently throughout the day.”

“I watch Man vs. Food because I like to watch people eat giant meals, because I’m like, ‘How the heck can you eat so much food?’ I do think there’s something behind that,” he says. “But to think that people actually care about what I’m doing — it’s very humbling.”

To sum up, when choosing the way to follow you have to remember the next thing – the best way for you is to keep your minds tight and follow your heart. If you want to eat once per day – just do it, want to it seven meals per 24 hours – analogically.