‘Pigeon racing’ or Mike Tyson’s happy retirement

The most of us have hobbies and some of us have pets. Celebrities are no exeption. Obviously, the first thought is about parties and little dogs inside handbags. However, it is just a stereotype. Another stereotype can appear watching at such a ‘bad boy’ like Mike Tyson. Men of this type usually like pit bulls or even lions. It should be mentioned that Mike had a pet tiger, but his long-life love is pigeons.

Exactly theese birds were the reason to go for sport. ‘The guy ripped the head off my pigeon. This was the first thing I ever loved in my life, the pigeon. That was the first time I threw a punch’ – says the famous boxer.

When Mike retired he could pay more attention to his pets and already had nearly three thousands pigeons by the 2013.

Mike Tyson’s idea to make New York – New Jersey pigeon race for 100 miles formed the basis of “Taking on Tyson” series on Discovery Channel.

Futhermore, the box-legend created his own cartoon series on Adult Swim channel where the one of the main characters is a pigeon!