Running is a better workout than cycling or aerobics (research shows)

A study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology showed that running is much better than just doing aerobics or cycling. In fact, statistically speaking, almost a half of all people who run at least two hours a week eliminate a risk of developing a heart disease. Besides, the studies showed that they tend to live at least a couple of years longer.

However, it is only true in cases when one does not overtrain his body. The thing is that muscles which were not trained before can get hurt if one goes from no running at all to running more than needed. So, the perfect balance is in running hard for about two hours a week and giving your body good rest for at least two days in between. The definition of “hard” is very personal; professionals recommend doing your best but for not more than an hour.

And also, if you are in your forties or older, then consider consulting your doctor first, as sometimes a good long walk is healthier for you than a hard and exhausting run. Bear this in mind and after taking all the details into consideration, grab your running shoes and go outside..